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Am I too old to start a career as a voice teacher?


The voice teaching industry is one that does not value youth over expertise. Do you have the knowledge and want to be a voice teacher? If the answer is yes, wha…

The art of teaching singing

Working with Beginning versus Professional Singers


Do beginners need different lessons to professional singers? The answer is both yes and no! What they really need is an individualized approach

The art of teaching singing

How Should I Handle Cancellations?


IVA Master Teacher Stephanie Borm-Krüger gives her tips on handling cancellations and no-shows whilst being fair and firm to keep your business successful.

The art of teaching singing

The Value of Continuing Education as a Voice Teacher


Just the art of singing well is a lifetime study; but being a good teacher of singing requires a much greater commitment to that of becoming a fine singer.

The art of teaching singing

Vocal fry as a tool for teaching voice


Can you use vocal fry to teach someone how to sing? Andreas Grussl has the answer to this question

The art of teaching singing

The Three Key Aspects of Education


IVA has three key aspects of education, Vocal Pedagogy, Elective and Personal Development

The art of teaching singing

What Exercises are Best For Warming Up My Student’s V…


IVA Master Teacher Kathy Kennedy addresses one of the most common questions that we get asked as singing teachers – “How should I warm up my voice before a…

The art of teaching singing

I Have Vocal Nodules! Will I Lose My Singing Voice?


SLP and Senior Voice Therapist Barbara F. Worth has some singer specific information on vocal nodules

The art of teaching singing

What should I do when a singer comes into a lesson hoar…


Do you understand why singers might be hoarse? Generally a gentle warm up with help to eliminate the hoarseness, unless there’s something else going on.

The art of teaching singing

How much should I charge for voice lessons?


IVA Master Teacher Stephanie Borm-Krüger helps you to understand how to build a pricing structure that works for you financially and represents your expertise.

The art of teaching singing