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David Chen

🇨🇳 China

David Chen 

Graduated from xinghai Conservatory of Music major in pop singing; David have many years of teaching experience and also has rich stage experience.

He has a pair of very sensitive ears, can quickly hear students' voice problems and solve them.  He has trained many students to be admitted to major domestic music colleges, Berklee College of Music, MI College of Contemporary Music.  He is also a vocal teacher for many singers and artists. David is a very good singer, he has performed in many excellent TV shows in China. He is also a member of China's famous A Cappella orchestra, They have 2 million followers on Tik Tok.

Language: Chinese, Cantonese, Teochew dialect, English 

Email: 804506906@qq.com    

Wechat: czwsanmao

Teaching Method: In-Person (Guangzhou) Online (ZOOM /Skype)

陈泽伟 David Chen 毕业与星海音乐学院流行演唱专业;具有多年的教学经验,培养多名学生考入国内各大音乐学院、美国伯克利音乐学院、美国MI音乐学院。


SIA 国际艺术教育声乐导师;Resound 理想人声乐团男中音;’中国好声音广东赛区赛事评委;陈珊妮 2017 巡回演唱会见习制作人;


会情景音乐剧《青春星座-时代印记》柏林国际艺术节歌唱大赛 一等奖;2018 年央视春晚广东珠海分会场表演嘉宾;

2018 年央视“丝绸之路”电影节闭幕式表演嘉宾;2019 年湖南卫视快乐大本营 表演嘉宾;


David有一对非常灵敏的耳朵,能快速准确的发现学生的声音问题并给出解决方案,轻松幽默的课堂让学生们都非常喜欢David 老师得声乐课。

同时David 有着非常丰富的演出与录音经验,能更全面的给予学员、歌手们的试音、备考、备赛方面的帮助。





David Chen
  • Instructor I

Provides In-Person Lessons

Provides On-Line Lessons