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Oscar Qin

🇨🇳 China


IVA Certified Teacher (Instructor I) | Pop Vocal Tutor | Singer | Musical Actor

British Theatre Association DramaUK Certified Musical Actor | British TNS Musical Theatre Education "The Lion King" "Simba" actor

2020 "The Voice of China" Guangdong Division Provincial Finals Jury | New Zealand LesMills System BODYJAM® Coach | Guangzhou "Fifteen Minutes Music Project" member

Graduated from Guizhou University for Nationalities majoring in music performance More than ten years of Chinese Traditional singing and performance experience, transforming into popular singing and teaching for seven years. Practitioners who are committed to integrating Chinese minority music into more popular music and experimental music.

One of the founders of the web show "MAMAS Reaction". It has abundant social media resources and has received many attentions from well-known Chinese singers.

IVA认证教师(Instructor I)  |  流行声乐导师  |  歌手  |  音乐剧演员

英国戏剧协会 DramaUK 认证音乐剧演员  |  英国TNS音乐剧教育《狮子王》“Simba”扮演者

2020年《中国好声音》广东赛区省总决赛评委  |  新西兰 LesMills 体系 BODYJAM® 教练  |  广州“十五分钟音乐计划”成员

毕业于 贵州民族大学 音乐表演专业。十余年中国民族唱法学习和表演经历,转型流行演唱与教学七年。致力于将中国少数民族音乐融入更多流行音乐、实验音乐的践行者。

网络节目“MAMAS Reaction”的创始人之一。拥有丰富的社交媒体资源,并多次受到中国知名歌手的关注。



·线下In-Person:Tianhe District,Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province广东省广州市天河区


助理微信Assistant WeChat:jimmy0109

微博主页Weibo Homepage:weibo.com/qincan2000

Oscar Qin
  • Instructor I

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Oscar Vocal Studio

Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

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+86 186 8890 3124