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Larry Cheung

🇨🇳 China



代表作有:《My family》《还是记得你星座》《小烦孤单》《轻松一夏》《妈妈,这都是套路》《​​假洒脱》《自由升空》等。




Welcome to find me in the international family of IVA. I am Larry, one of the few IVA certified vocal music teachers in China.


Larry, IVA internationally certified vocal music teacher, graduated from Xinghai Conservatory of Music. Is a professional musician, rapper, pearl-level psychological consultant, special judge of The Voice of China from Guangdong Province, and director of Tusi Music Planning and is its artist. Under the stage name of "Yueyetu", he is active in the field of Chinese pop music and has cooperated with many well-known Chinese artists and musicians.


Teaching introduction:

Mr. Larry is good at developing students' inner unique potential, and through IVA phonation techniques to help students solve a variety of sound problems, has a wealth of record and artist planning and creative case experience to help students shape their voice and achieve style at the same time.


And provide high-quality film and television resources services, psychological counseling services, music production services, music planning consulting services, to help students better engage in sound work such as singing and recording, and ultimately help students achieve personal growth.






Larry Cheung
  • Instructor I

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