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Charles Peng

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Charles Peng

   Baritone, vocal tutor, national third class actor, member of Guangdong Musicians Association, Deputy Secretary General of Shenzhen Musicians Association, Secretary General of Shenzhen singers Association, vice president of Shenzhen yukrili Association, director of Shenzhen Performing Arts Association, vocal instructor and art consultant of Shenzhen University City Art Troupe, vocal tutor of art troupe of Shenzhen vocational and technical college, and cultural discovery of art in Shenzhen Communication has the founder of general manager of the company, the judge of Guangdong Province of China good voice, and graduated from Xinghai Conservatory of music.

Mr. Peng Sichao has been engaged in the teaching of vocal techniques (Bel canto, pop singing), music theory, music appreciation, etc. for a long time, and served as the judge of each loud music competition. He has accumulated rich experience in teaching, especially in the teaching of vocal music with proper methods, teaching students according to their aptitude, so that students can make rapid progress. The students who are tutored are admitted to China Conservatory of music, Wuhan Conservatory of music, Sichuan Conservatory of music, etc The students who have been tutored have won many awards in the national, provincial and municipal competitions, such as Conservatory of music, South China Normal University, central China Normal University, Xinghai Conservatory of music, Guangzhou University of foreign studies, Art Department of Shenzhen University, etc.






授课方式:Oline(线上)Skype:+8618680338090; Face-face(面授)深圳市福田区华强北街道振华路45号汽车大厦A座202艺术发现




Charles Peng

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