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Weba Garretson

🇺🇸 United States

Weba Garretson is a singer, songwriter, and singing teacher. As a teacher, she combines her knowledge of the latest trends in contemporary vocal technique and recording technology with her training in music, theater and performance art. Her vocal studio is equipped to help you develop your live stage performance or prepare for recording sessions. She has over 30 years experience working in such styles as pop, rock, punk, folk, blues and spoken word. She has Masters in Commercial Music from California State University, Los Angeles as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Theater from Sarah Lawrence College. Her singing teachers include Ron Anderson, Guy Babusek, Jeffrey Skouson, Kathy Kennedy, Linda Tomkinson, Spencer Welch and Stephanie Borm-Krueger. She has performed at the Broad Stage, the Getty Museum, and on National Television.

Weba recently spent more than two years teaching voice to singers from around the world at the California College of Music where she was Voice Chair. In addition to private lessons, she taught classes in vocal performance, creating exercises to help singers deepen their emotional connection to their songs and centering techniques to deal with performance anxiety. She also taught classes in vocal technique covering anatomy, acoustics and contemporary vocal styles. She has experience teaching a wide range of genres to students of all ages and backgrounds, including pop, musical theatre, R&B, and classical.

Weba Garretson
  • Instructor III

Provides In-Person Lessons

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