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Gerald White - IVACON 2020 USA Guest Speaker

IVACON 2020 in Layton, Utah, is going to be as amazing and inspiring as the beautiful Wasatch Mountain Range that borders Layton to the east, and as rich in history as the vast Great Salt Lake that borders Layton to the west. We hope you're as excited as we are to experience our first IVACON of the year amidst the beauty of northern Utah.

Of course we are all passionate about the beauty of singing and its own rich history. To help us learn more about vocal styles throughout the ages, we are thrilled to announce our first guest speaker, a truly gifted and incredibly successful singer and songwriter, teaching this class:

"Vocal Styles through History to Today"

presented by Gerald White

Gerald White is a prolific singer/songwriter and accomplished pianist based in Los Angeles, California, USA. Join us at IVACON Utah to learn the history of singing styles and how they originated. In this class, you will:

  • See how culture, language, region, and instrumentation played a role in style development
  • Determine which style you or your students sing the best and why
  • Discuss what producers and directors say they want, but figure out what they're really after
  • Learn the key components of each style

We'll analyze mouth shapes, tongue placement, lip direction, throat space, phrasing, subdivision accuracy, vibrato, and cord connection in relation to how certain styles are created.

We'll also learn what the biggest giveaways are that immediately pinpoint your vocal background! Then we'll take various selections from different styles and learn to execute them in a group format.

About Gerald White

Gerald graduated with a bachelor's degree in piano performance and a master's degree in jazz and commercial music. His voice can be heard on over 200 film and TV projects where he has realized his dream of being a session vocalist in Los Angeles.

He currently chairs the Singers Committee at SAG-AFTRA, both local and national, and he also runs a vocal studio of 25 years in Santa Monica, California. Gerald has studied at the Institute for Vocal Advancement and has developed a continuing passion for helping singers not only realize their dreams but also own their instrument and sing with freedom, both technically and emotionally.

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